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I am a social media enthusiast in Springfield, MO #Sgf, who runs, reads, and tries to wear out @RowdyVizsla. #YNWA #LFC #Vizsla. I write about crafts, running, and my successes in becoming more organized and productive (and the web apps/programs that help me). Or whatever strikes me as interesting: I blog so that I have an excuse to write.

Everybody is a Genius [quote]

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. -Albert Einstein

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Homemade Black Bean Patty Burgers [recipe]

I just shared my current fitness progress and goals, which include eating  a homemade black bean patty as part of my lunch, and I thought you might enjoy trying my recipe, because I love it! Continue reading

The Great Fitness Blogging Experiment Update: 1 Year Later

Almost a year ago, I started on Great Fitness Blogging Experiment with Pamela. She trained me for 12 weeks, and I blogged about it. In the end, I lost over 13 pounds and 2.3% body fat, but I gained so much more than that in knowledge. Read all of the Great Fitness Blogging Experiment posts here (in reverse chronological order).

It’s a year and one debilitating* knee injury later, and while I’ve gained most of that weight back, I feel like I’ve made some significant changes in my life, changes that will eventually lead to a healthy Linden, which was my main goal in the Great Fitness Blogging Experiment and still is now. Continue reading

Independence Day Snuggles [Wordless Wednesday]

The pictures in this collage were taken over 4 hours on the afternoon of 4th of July while I was reading Murakami’s 1Q84. Rowdy snuggled with me no matter what position I was reading in. More proof that Vizslas deserve the nickname “Velcro Dog“! Continue reading

Stop Saying “I Can’t” [quote]

Stop saying “I can’t.” You can. You just choose not to.

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Get Posts Via Email: Testing MailChimp

Back in November, I got a new job, and part of that job is staying on top of current technologies and you, my dear blog readers, are—knowingly or unknowingly—a testing ground. Thank you.

So the current thing I need to understand inside and out, upside and down, is email marketing applications, like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Aweber, which are my top three contenders after the research I’ve done so far. Continue reading