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This I Believe Podcasts 9: Balance, Hope, Death

Today, three students share beliefs that influence they way they deal with life’s most difficult times—including failure and success, rape, drugs, and death—and find hopeful and reassuring answers during their searching.

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The Podcasts

“The Pendulum of Life” by Natalie Müller — Click here to listen.

Natalie believes that balance is a powerful, passive force that is a part of each of us, and that gives her hope in even the darkest times.

“Unbreakable Strength” by Anna Scheer — Click here to listen.

Having observed three close friends and family members endure the unthinkable and overcoming it, Anna developed an unbreakable faith in the strength of each of us.

“The Very Basic Rule of Energy” by Masja Raab — Click here to listen.

When her mother died, Masja realized that she did not know what she believed about life after death, much less how to Be without her mother. That’s when she found peace in an odd place: a lesson from her physics class.

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Creative Commons license

Each This I Believe podcast recording is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States license (read more about this license by clicking here). To post, publish, or use any recording (other than for private use), please contact me by email at l@lindenamueller.com and I will put you in contact with the student, who has retained all original copyrights.


* I gave my students the option to publish their podcasts anonymously, and several students chose to do so. I will refer to these students as “Student #”, where # is a randomly assigned number.