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This I Believe Podcasts 3: Music, Saving Lives, Self-confidence

Today we hear from Thomas, who finds strength in music; from Sabrina, whose perspective on life was altered by her grandmother and her friend, Ralf; and Lisa, who went to Ireland for an adventure but came home with aspirations.

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The Podcasts

“I Believe in Music” by Thomas Henkel — Click here to listen.

Even though it is often ironic, abused, or misrepresented, music is a source of powerful inspiration for Thomas.

“How to Save a Life” by Sabrina — Click here to listen.

Sabrina was touched by the story of her grandma’s friend, Ralf, who spent his life suffering from a disease but was granted an almost-normal life when he got a heart transplant. Now, she believes that each of us should have an organ donor card so that family doesn’t have to make difficult decisions and our death can have meaning beyond grief.

“The Time of My Life” by Lisa Staffa — Click here to listen.

Her time as an au pair in Ireland helped Lisa to discover her passion for interacting with foreigners and helped her to realize that she can trust herself, that she can overcome difficult times, that–most importantly–she believes in herself.

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