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This I Believe Podcasts 5: Self-confidence, Motivation, Taking Risks, Hope for the Future

Each of these students encountered a situation that made them stretch, grow, and learn about their beliefs and limits. For Jana and Miss Sprengel, it was a goal they had set for themselves. For Katinka, it took pushing herself in an unexpected way to realize what she was capable of, and for Sarah, it was the clash of what her parents had taught her and what she learned in school, and, much later, the election of Barack Obama as United States president.

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The Podcasts

“I Believe in Myself and I Have Confidence in My Abilities” by Jana Brückmann — Click here to listen..

Jana was greatly affected by her friend’s perceptions of her as child, so it took her own hard-earned success to open her eyes to the truth: she IS capable, and she SHOULD believe in herself.

“I Believe in Motivation” by Miss Sprengel — Click here to listen..

Ms. Sprengel first realized how motivation affects her life when an exuberant teacher made Latin class exciting. Later, it was the motivation of crossing the finish line in the New York Marathon that kept her running despite a pain in her knee.

“I Believe in Extreme Sports” by Katinka Rumpf — Click here to listen. (Rumpf).

A family trip to Spain introduced Katinka to extreme sports, and she can’t get enough! They have taught her about her limits, her own strenght, and what she can accomplish.

“A New President” by Sarah Kanngießer — Click here to listen..

Her parents raised her to treat everyone equally, but when Sarah learned about segregation and the KKK in school, she found out that not everyone agreed with the lessons her mother taught her as a young child. Barak Obama’s election in 2008 restored her hope that, in the future, all men will truly be treated as equals.

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