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Posed [She Only LOOKS Calm]

Well, I’m totally in love with my Vizsla, Rowdy. If you didn’t know that already, it’s probably because you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter. If you love Vizslas too, you should connect with Rowdy on Facebook or Twitter, or with me on Instagram–I try to do all my dog-related sharing in those places for my non-dog-people friends; I used to be one myself, so I understand that that sort of post can get annoying.

So anyway, I will occasionally post pictures of her here, but I promise they’ll only be really cute, really funny, or with a good story behind them. Continue reading

She Only LOOKS Calm…

I don’t feel like blogging, but here’s a picture of Rowdy, our 14-month-old Vizsla! Continue reading

5 Reasons To Get A Vizsla

Back in February, we decided it was time: we were ready to make the leap from cat owners to dog owners, and Sarah O., a dear friend from way back in elementary school helped us choose the breed. We found new homes for Naveed and Stella, found a breeder, and paid our deposit. We became the proud alphas to one adorable Vizsla puppy in early April, and I’ve (mostly) never looked back. Here’s why.

  • No undercoat. Don’t like shedding or that “doggie smell”? Then you’re on the right track.
  • “Demonstrably affectionate” is in the Vizsla AKC description. If you want a dog that keeps her distance, this is not the breed for you. Rowdy, our pup, loves to be with us all the time. She’s cuddly and gives lots of what I call puppylovins, but what is technically face and ear and hair and chin and whatever-she-can-lick licks.
  • Independent and intelligent. Rowdy was sitting on command after three days. She “gets” obedience behaviors (aka tricks) quickly. Without consciously training her, she has learned “go inside,” “go outside,” and “drink some water.”
  • Generally healthy. Vizzies can get hip dysplasia, but it’s rare and something you reasonably plan to avoid by choosing a breeder who can show you the OFA records for the pup’s pedigree. That’s about it. Long life and a great chance for fewer vet bills? Yes, please!
  • Athletic. Fight the fat by going on the Vizsla training plan. As we were told before we even adopted Rowdy, a happy Vizsla is a tired Vizsla. She generally requires two long walks a day to keep and even keel, but even then, she’s energetic. We liked the breed because we wanted a running dog, and even though our vet has advised us to wait to run with her until she’s full grown to prevent joint problems, we are much more active than our pre-dog days.
  • These are just a few of the factors that made us choose the Hungarian Vizsla, a hunter, pointer, retriever, and lethal licker. What made you choose YOUR dogs breed?